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Smart Ways to Save On Your Prescriptions

Ask your doctor:

"Is a generic available for this medication?"

You mean I can ask my doctor about the medication I am taking? Yes! You aren’t questioning the doctor, you are just being an advocate for your health and your wallet! With a few exceptions, many generic medications are just as effective as the brand name. If a generic is available, you may be able to get it for as little as $4 if paying with cash.

"Can I get a 90 day supply?"

If you know you will be on a medication for a long time, opt for a 90 day supply and save. A client shared with us that when she realized she was going to be on her blood pressure pill for the long haul, she could get a three month (90 day) supply of her medication for the cost of two 30 day supplies. That means, she saved $15 every time she filled her medication and she cut back on trips to the pharmacy. Sounds like she is lowering her blood pressure in more ways than one!

Ask your pharmacist:

"Is this the lowest cost I can get this drug?"

As we read above, Courtney saved $70 using a coupon and paying cash instead of using insurance. If you have insurance, pharmacists automatically run a medication through your insurance and charge you the associated cost for the medication tier. But low-cost generics might only cost $4 if you don’t pay with insurance. If you choose to pay cash instead of going through your insurance, you could be saving money.

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