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Sun Valley 2017 Solar Eclipse


The Great American Solar Eclipse will take place on August 21st 2017. The partial eclipse starts approximately 10:12 am MST and the total eclipse will begin at 11:29 am. For a brief period there will be complete blackness during the middle of the day!

Ketchum & Sun Valley ID are right in the pathway of the eclipse which means we will witness a total eclipse for the first time since 1979. The United States will be the hosting country for the solar eclipse, which hasn't happened since 1918.

Where to View

Sun Valley & Ketchum are in the direct path of totality for the Great American Eclipse. In the picture below, the dark circles represent the best spots for total eclipse viewing. Southern Idaho is an ideal location to view the eclipse because of its good weather prospects, low population density , and many scenic viewing points.

Viewing Points:

  • Stanley, ID

  • Baldy Mountain

  • Sun Valley Pavilion

  • River Run Plaza

  • Borah Peak

  • Craters of the Moon

  • Rexburg

  • Idaho/Wyoming Border

What to Bring

Once you have picked out your viewing spot make sure you are properly equipped to view the eclipse safely. If you want to view the eclipse directly, you must wear certified eclipse viewing glasses. Only during the few moments of totality is it OK to view the eclipse with the naked eye—when the sun is completely blocked by the moon. Even when 99% of the sun is blocked, you can still suffer burns to your retinas.


Safety Viewing Total Eclipse Glasses

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Plan Ahead

Traffic will be a critical issue on eclipse day. Idaho is the closest destination for tens of millions of people from southern California, Arizona, Utah, and Montana.

The path of totality in Idaho is the closest destination for 38 million Americans. We estimate that between 93,000 and 370,000 people will visit the path of totality on eclipse day.

Fun Fact

The speed of the Moon's shadow is about 2,070 miles per hour at the Oregon-Idaho border then it decreases to 1,850 miles per hour at the Idaho-Wyoming border. The width of the path of the total solar eclipse above Boise is 90.5 miles.

For more detailed information on the Solar Eclipse in Idaho visit here.

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